I have a new favorite ramen!

I love ramen! Ramen has been my comfort food for years now. In this post, I just want to quickly share with you my new favorite! Any guesses?


This is Kichitora’s Black Garlic Paitan Ramen! Kichitora’s ramen base is tonkotsu, the rich flavorful pork broth which most Filipinos prefer. I’ve tried their Original Paitan Ramen before – it was also good and was my first favorite until Ippudo came in. Ippudo’s Shiromaru has been my go-to ramen until I discovered Kichitora’s Black Garlic!

What makes it perfect is the harmony of all the components in the bowl and the richness of the broth. Another thing is that the bowl contains all my favorite ramen toppings without having to order add-ons!


As you can see, it has bamboo shoots, nori (dried seaweeds), ajitsuke tamago (molten lava egg), pork or chicken chashu, and of course a dash of their flavorful fried garlic oil.

Their chashu is full of flavor, I always go with pork! Their serving is also just right in size, after finishing the whole bowl I don’t feel overstuffed but it is also not bitin. I am lost for words on the flavor because all I can think of is how rich it is. But of course, to each is their own.


They also offer set menus – just add 150 Php and you can choose from: Pork/Chicken Chashu Bun, Small Chicken Karaage, or Small Pork Chashu Rice to go with your ramen. The set also comes with either soda or their house iced tea.

I’m so happy that I’ve tried Kichitora again and ordered a different flavor. Believe it or not, I’ve already had 3 bowls of Black Garlic Paitan Ramen this month and we’re just in the second week! Truly a must-try!


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