Foggy Mountain Cookhouse – A Foodie’s Delight!

As the saying goes, “The greater the effort, the sweeter the reward.” Foggy mountain cookhouse is literally a hidden gem in Baguio City. It’s quite hard to locate and even the locals are not that familiar with the place’s name so be sure that you have the location/direction saved on you maps app.


The place is an ancestral house with a rustic touch and a very nice view of the whole city! Chef Babes, the owner and chef of Foggy Mountain Cookhouse, prepares all the dishes from scratch. He requires pre-ordering before your actual reservation since some dishes have to be seasoned at least a day before. Main dishes come with a single serving of appetizer, moroccan rice, and dessert.

Flat Bread with Hummus


For our appetizer, we had Flat Bread with Hummus. You can also opt to have a salad with orange vinaigrette, whichever you prefer. The little squares of bread kept us at bay while waiting for our mains.

Pasta in Cream Sauce with Smoked Salmon (400 Php)


This is one of Chef Babes’ newest dishes and I’m so glad we’ve tried it! The salmon pasta is overwhelmingly good! The sauce is extraordinarily creamy and the smoked salmon was bomb. It is so good I’m at a loss for words.

Porchetta (550 Php)


Porchetta is rolled boneless pork belly seasoned with Mediterranean herbs – crispy skin, juicy meat! It comes with red wine reduction sauce and raisins. I personally don’t like raisins but I tried it and I loved it! The raisins added an additional punch to the sauce and the whole dish.

Brick Oven Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb (700 Php)


The lamb was slow roasted on brick oven, marinated overnight in moroccan spices, and drizzled with mint and yogurt sauce – doesn’t that sound inviting and mouth-watering?


I won’t miss this dish each time I’ll go to Cookhouse – the lamb is a must. I have dubbed this as the “Lamb of God” in my head (until now since I’ve already posted it and I’m sorry but it is THAT good #NoOffenseMeant sorry Lord, love u) 

Orange Brandy (550 Php per bottle or 90 Php per glass)


Chef Babes offered this to us for free! The orange brandy is a blend of fresh orange juice and Spanish brandy, sweet and refreshing!

Cookhouse Pumpkin Puree with Roasted Mallows and Whipped Cream


Last but not the least, dessert! Chef Babes personally served us the pumpkin puree topped with roasted marshmallows and whipped cream. My sister who’s quite a picky eater surprisingly enjoyed the pumpkin puree. Maybe we just never expected pumpkin to be this yummy.


During our visit, it was really foggy! The restaurant’s name was actually personified – Foggy Mountain Cookhouse. One thing that really elevated our overall dining experience, was the ambiance of the place. It’s reserved and very relaxing.


Not to mention Chef Babes’ hospitality and the staff’s good service, dining at Foggy Mountain Cookhouse is like coming and dining at home. A secret worth sharing!

For reservations and inquiries, you can contact Chef Babes on Facebook  or via 09167674687 / 09327623639.


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