The best place to stay in Baguio!

True to its name, Guest Haven is truly a guest haven! The ambiance of the place is rustic, warm, and peaceful; combine it with the cool Baguio breeze – it’s really an ideal place for relaxation.

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Hotel or Hostel? Where to stay?

One of the hardest questions to answer when you are planning for a trip is “where should I stay?” Not because you have insufficient options but because there so many places to choose from! In this blog post, I’ll make a hotel vs hostel comparison using the hotel and hostel I booked during my first solo travel to Singapore.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen – A Brave Review

The ultimate highlight of my first solo travel – dining at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen! Gordon Ramsay is one of the most recognizable celebrity chefs in the world, that’s why I’m very excited and I have very high expectations of Bread Street Kitchen’s food!

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Singapore Zoo & River Safari

I love animals! That’s why when I was planning for my trip to Singapore, the ticket to the Singapore Zoo was the first thing I booked. Until it came to me that the pandas are located in a different area, so I also booked a ticket to the River Safari!

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My First Solo Travel!

It all started with a seat sale. I booked a round trip flight to Singapore right away without any plans at hand. I haven’t even told my parents about it yet because I already know what they’ll be saying, lol. There were so many change of plans, restaurant reservations and cancellations, last minute bookings, and the rest is history!

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Chateau Hestia: My Favorite Tagaytay Resto!

Chateau Hestia is currently my favorite restaurant in Tagaytay. I love the rustic, romantic vibes of the place and the ultimately good food they serve. Everything is just so refreshing, it’s the perfect location for special occasions!

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