Who’s that little blogger?

about me

I’m a multipotentialite millennial who blogs about the arbitrary life I’m currently living.

I realized I’m multipotentialite, when my former boss sent me this TedX Talk on “Why Some of us Don’t Have One True Calling“:

This talk made me realize that it’s absolutely alright to be whoever I wanted to be and that I don’t have to box myself in one specialization. I am a software engineer on weekdays and on weekends: I play music, make art, cook, discover new dishes, explore the world, and now — I also blog.

On the millennial part, I was born 199x which makes me a legit millennial. I also tend to live by the millennial stereotype: YOLO. I am impulsive and I feel like I was born to do things my way.


Arbitrary is just another term for random / unpredictable / uncontrolled. That’s how my life is – unplanned and spontaneous! I just picked the word arbitrary since it has arbi in it, and I’m Arby.

I’m weird and I wanted to share my quirkiness with everyone. Welcome to my blog and happy reading!