The best place to stay in Baguio!

True to its name, Guest Haven is truly a guest haven! The ambiance of the place is rustic, warm, and peaceful; combine it with the cool Baguio breeze – it’s really an ideal place for relaxation.

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10 Things not-to-miss in Cebu!

Cebu is packed with countless of wonderful places to visit, exciting things to do, and delectable food to eat! Upon spending 4 days in Cebu, travelling from Lapu-Lapu, to Cebu City, and then to Oslob and Moalboal – I’ve come up with a list of the 10 things you should not miss when visiting Cebu!

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Ciudad ti Bigan – Vigan

Vigan is Ilocos Sur’s capital, it is a small city with huge hospitality and patriarchy. Vigan remained to be one of the few UNESCO world heritage sites wherein old structures are conserved and well-kept. It is also well known for its cobblestone streets and unique architectures.

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Random Afternoon Trek

My dad loves to invite us to random walks, treks, fishing, and other outdoor activities. This time, we had the whole afternoon trekking in a huge uninhabited land at Lumban, Laguna. We spent our day chasing animals, admiring nature, and watching the sunset!

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