Home Swiss Home! – A Day at Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant

Vieux Chalet is one of the best destinations for special occasions. Located at Antipolo, Rizal – it’s just a few kilometers away from Metro Manila and the drive is going to be worth it!

Vieux Chalet is put up by the Hassig Family to make a living out of their passion and also to offer good food and relaxation to those needing a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. True to their words, we experienced a day of relaxation on the day of our visit!

We made a reservation for their Day Escape Package which includes:

  • Welcome Drinks
  • Full Body Massage
  • Exclusive Use of Hot Tub and Sauna Room
  • Complimentary Lunch or Dinner for Two

People frequently come during dinner time because Vieux Chalet is overlooking the metro’s city lights. That’s why when we came in for lunch, we had the whole restaurant to ourselves! For the complimentary lunch, we had:

Italian Farmer’s Soup

Homemade Organic Pumpkin and Potato Cream Soup with Basil, Smoked Bacon, and Homemade Potato Chips (225 Php)

This soup is a must try, it really sets your mood for the rest of the dishes coming your way. The pumpkin and the potato blended so well like it’s another vegetable puree and not a combination of two.

Garden Fresh Mixed Vegetable Salad

Organic Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrots, Corn, and Homemade Ricotta Cheese with a Special Herbed Vinaigrette (225 Php)

They have a generous serving on the salad and you can tell that the fruits and vegies were fresh. The herbed vinaigrette is also good that it has it’s own flavor but doesn’t overpower the whole salad itself.

Pork Fillet Mignon in Onion-Cream Sauce

Pork Fillet Mignon with Homemade Smoked Bacon Served with Onion-Cream Sauce (785 Php)

It was my first time to try a Pork Fillet Mignon, I thought fillet mignon was always supposed to be beef, how naive of me. Anyhow, the pork was not a let down, in fact it was unbelievably tender! I loved the flavor on the onion-cream sauce too.

Fish Fillet in White Wine Sauce

Fresh Fish Fillet, Panfried and Served with a Light and Creamy White Wine Sauce (725 Php)

The fish fillet on the other hand is another excellent dish. The sauce’s richness was just right and the overall flavor goes well fish and the vegetables. Both entrees were also served with crispy hash browns.

Swiss Chocolate Cake ala Mode

Homemade Swiss Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Glaze, and Chocolate Ice Cream (285 Php)

I am not a chocolate fan, and most especially not a berry-fan so of course I picked the chocolate cake over the berry cheesecake. But wow, I think I should start eating more Swiss chocolates! I loooved the cake, but loved the chocolate ice cream more! At first I thought it was chocolate mousse because the texture is super rich! Ultimately a must try!

Ricotta Cheesecake

Homemade Ricotta Cheese Made into a Creamy and Rustic Cheesecake Topped with Creame Fraische and Homemade Raspberry Jam (245 Php)

The cheesecake was also very good, and of course that remark was from AC because I don’t like berries very much. But just by looking at it, you can see that the crust and the ricotta cheesecake was in a perfect ratio, very well done.

What I loved the most was the Italian Farmer’s Soup. I am really blown away with how the pumpkin blended so well with the potato. Plus the crunchiness of the smoked bacon – it all really went well together.

After eating, we took a short rest and had a quick dip into the pool.

Their pool goes from 4 to 6 feet. It is also not that big but pleasant enough to help you relax and just chill.

They also have a hot tub / jacuzzi and a sauna room which you can use exclusively if you avail any of their packages.

And last but definitely not the least, massage!!! It is a one and a half hour full body massage and it was so good. It was more of a hilot than a massage that’s why I really felt relieved afterwards. What a way to end the day!

We had an amazing time at Vieux Chalet and we’re definitely going back. Good food, awesome service! If you are interested in their packages, you can check it on their website: http://www.vieuxchaletswissrestaurant.com or you can also check their Facebook Page.

Until next time,


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