An Overnight Stay at Sundowners Vacation Villas!

Bolinao is a 5-hour drive from Manila and is famous for its Patar white beach, Bolinao waterfalls, and delicious seafood! One of the most coveted place to stay at Bolinao is the Santorini inspired vacation villas – Sundowners!


We stayed in their Couple Marina 2 Villa which has: an air-conditioned private bedroom, a bunk bed area, a fully-equipped kitchen, a spacious balcony, a huge living room that’s also air-conditioned, and a bathroom that’s accessible from both the living room and the private bedroom.

Couple Marina 2 – Bunk Bed
Couple Marina 2 – Private Bedroom
Couple Marina 2 – THE Balcony

There are 25 villas at Sundowners as of this writing! Our villa is quite far from the main pool but located near the smaller infinity pool as well as the Marina Bar.


The place is really pretty – the room, as well as the common areas, are all well-maintained.


Sundowners have 2 common infinity pools, and the villas gives you a home away from home feels which makes it perfect for a staycation! Another plus is that even if they have their own resto + bar, there’s no corkage fee at all – food and booze!


The swimming pools are big enough for the guests and not crowded. Actually, more people are using the pool at night and the vibe is very different with the laser lights on!

The whole resort is right next to the ocean but it doesn’t have a sand area so it’s not advisable for swimming. You really don’t have a choice but to enjoy the pool!


And as for me, I really enjoyed it. We swam the night before at the infinity pool near our villa. And then the next day, we went to the main pool which is 10ft deep with a diving board that’s approximately 15ft high!

Of course, I jumped! I stood there for more than 5 minutes and decided to jump when another guest went up and was waiting for me to jump, lol.



I’ll say that an overnight stay is actually not enough given that there are also some other places to visit around Bolinao. But other than that, I had one of the best weekends at Sundowners.


If you want to know more about Sundowners Vacation Villas, you can check their website here:

Until my next trips,


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