BLK 513 is now in BGC

BLK 513 is known to be the country’s first activated-charcoal frozen yogurt and it has just opened its branch in BGC last February 12. Perfect timing since we can really feel that summer is fast approaching!


What sets BLK 513 apart from other frozen yogurt shops is the use of activated charcoal which is the world’s oldest and trusted detoxifying agent. Activated charcoal is also said to be a global remedy for bloating.


I’ve tried their Dark Skim Cup, 185 Php, which is also their bestseller. It’s a combination of activated charcoal enhanced froyo, two fruit options, crunchies, and your choice of sauce!


You can choose from cookie-based and cereal-based crunchies and they’ll be added to your frozen yogurt in two layers.


All the crunchies look very tasty but you’ll only have to choose one. They charge an additional 25 Php for extra regular crunchies and 30 Php for the premium ones.


For the fruits they have peaches, grapes, melon, kiwi and strawberries. One thing that I didn’t like was seeing tiny fruit flies in their melons which made me hesitant to add fruits. Although in the end, I still went with kiwi and peaches.


The best part of making your own froyo was picking the sauce. This is crucial because it will decide the overall taste of your yogurt. Luckily, I picked Nutella and I really liked it!


This is how my froyo looks like! I had smores for the crunchies, kiwi & peaches, and Nutella sauce. To be completely honest, I’ll be way happier if I didn’t put any fruits in it. They were generous with the crunchies but I think the froyo is a bit short on the sauce. Overall, it was nice to give their frozen yogurt a try.


I also think it will be better to add more manpower on their BGC stall especially during lunch and dinner time. We actually spent more than 30 minutes queuing!

Other than their famous frozen yogurt, they are also offering black milk beverages which is cheaper than their froyo. Maybe I’ll have some next time.


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