Elbikon is an annual comic convention held at UPLB where artists got to showcase their artworks and other merchandise. It was my first time to participate at Elbikon as an artist and I had a blast!


I teamed up with my sister and we didn’t take the team name seriously that’s why we ended up with BeArby, lol.

For our merch, I made hand-painted canvas bags and pouches and also did some watercolor bookmarks.


My sister made stickers, bookmarks, and prints of different animes and artworks. She also showcased some of her original art in prints!

Here are the watercolor bookmarks that I made:


I sold 6 out of 10 so not bad. What sold out were the canvas bags and pouches, I sold 13 out of the 14 that I made!


Here, I have a Kaneki drawstring bag which is one of the hardest to paint. I also made a Monokuma coin purse and an All Might pouch.


I also made some designs which are non-anime just to create variation. I actually thought these won’t sell but luckily, they did!


Of course, One Piece designs will always be there. I’m actually wearing a hand-painted shirt with the same design as the one on the drawstring bag during the convention.


I wasn’t planning on making so many One Punch Man designs but when I posted my initial merch on facebook, the Saitama purse got a lot of inquiries! I also didn’t had enough time to finish painting so I decided to paint on site.


It was my first time to paint with an audience! It was thrilling because also for the first time, I heard people personally comment on my works and I’m definitely hearing good things which is a relief! I’m also so glad I didn’t mess it up, haha!


This is the final output of my on-site Saitama tote bag painting! When I was still painting, someone already asked to reserve it!


Elbikon2018 was one of the best experiences I had since it is the first time I got to personally showcase my works to people who doesn’t even know me.

The organizer, Graphic Literature Guild, was also very accommodating. I’ve seen some of their members going around the fair to invite more people into Elbikon. Thanks to them, I got to showcase my artworks!

See you again next year?

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