Tokyo Food Guide!

Authentic Japanese food is one of the main reasons why tourists are so fond of going back to Japan again and again. In fact, trying different food and restaurants could be your whole trip and you’ll still find yourself wanting for more.

In this blog post, I’ll share with you food and restaurants we’ve tried around Tokyo – from classic fast food favorites to new restaurants that took social media by storm. First off, Matsuya.



Matsuya is absolutely everywhere in Japan and they are famous for their affordable yet tasty meals, most especially their Gyudon/Gyumeshi/Beef on Rice. Their Gyumeshi which costs only ~350 Jpy (~160 Php) on average (depending on the serving size and add-ons) is actually even better than those of expensive Japanese restaurants here in Manila.




Similar to Matsuya, Sukiya is another fast food place that is present all over Japan. And since they offer affordable meals, you should definitely try their Unagi Don. Unagi or Eel is quite expensive even in Japan so a ~790 Jpy Unagi Don from Sukiya is definitely a great deal.


Conveyor Belt Sushi


Conveyor belt sushi restaurants are so much fun (at least for me). When eating at sushi belts, it’s important not to get too excited as the sushi plates go around you as you might end up overeating (and overspending, lol). Although you don’t have to worry so much about overspending because usually it only costs around 100 Jpy per plate.

This particular sushi belt, Ganso Zushi, is located at Akihabara. Their cheapest plate starts at 125 Jpy while they also offer special plates for a higher price. Other famous conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Tokyo are: Uobei, Genki Sushi, and Katsumidori Seibu.


Warashibe Gyoza

Warashibe Gyoza, also located at Akihabara, is famous for their Cheesy Gyoza or as they call it: Gyoza Fondue.


Their Gyoza Fondue is made of 16 gyozas, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, and their special spicy sauce and is priced at 2,040 Jpy.


This Gyoza Fondue is best shared with 3-4 people because the cheesiness is somehow overwhelming when you actually eat 8 gyozas each (yes, we did). But they also offer other fondue flavors like cilantro and barbeque if you think the cheese is just too much.


とみふじ (Tomi Fuji Sushi)


This sushi restaurant isn’t actually located in Tokyo. But if you’re also about to make a detour to Kawaguchiko (Fuji area) then you should give it a go. It’s a nice restaurant run by an elderly couple and the place is really homey.


The serving is also very generous and the food you get is exactly what’s seen in their menu.


I really loved their sushi platter and believe it or not, I finished it all by myself. I’m not really a fan of tuna but their tuna sushi is really good. I loved the salmon roe too of course, and the other fish roe – I actually really loved everything in that plate.


Tonkatsu Suzuki


Tonkatsu Suzuki is located at the Tokyo Station’s Kitchen Street and if you’re going to Tokyo, you’re definitely going to pass by Tokyo Station – might as well try this katsu restaurant. It has an open kitchen setup so you’ll get to see how your food is prepared.


This is probably one of the best katsu’s I’ve had. This Pork Fillet Cutlet set costs 1,100 Jpy and do note that the rice, cabbage, and soup are all refillable.




I don’t really have to say anything since almost everyone already knows Ichiran. Many actually consider it as the best tasting ramen in all of Japan (and even the world). Anyway, I’ll just share with you how I order my ramen:


I like it strong, extra rich, and a bit spicy. I also always order boiled egg and nori with it, just perfect!

Roast Beef Ohno


Last on this list is Roast Beef Ohno. It’s a different but absolutely delicious take on gyudon where in roast wagyu beef alongside egg yolk, mayonnaise, and cabbage are layered on top of rice.


Provided as well are cream cheese, himalayan salt, and wasabi to add more flavor to every bite. I never thought cream cheese on roast beef would be so good! Even though the queue was long, I really enjoyed dining here and I’ll definitely have this again once I go back to Japan.


And that’s it for this trip’s food adventures! Japan has really so much to offer especially with their food and culture. I can’t wait for my next trip so that I can share more of these with you. Thanks for reading!