One Piece Tokyo Tower

If you’re looking for the ultimate One Piece experience, then One Piece Tokyo Tower is a must-visit! I really enjoyed the games and exhibits. I’ll try my best to make this post as enjoyable as possible as if we’re making a tour of the whole experience. Let’s go!

One Piece Tokyo Tower consists of 4 floors:

  • First Floor: Cafe Mugiwara and Mugiwara Store
  • Third Floor (yes there’s no second floor): Tongari Port, Log Theatre, Signature Boards, and Memorial Room
  • Fourth Floor: Character Games!
  • Fifth Floor: Luffy’s Endless Adventure, Cruise History, One Piece Live Attraction, and Photo Ops!

To give you an idea, here’s a link to the map of the entire site: One Piece Tokyo Tower Area Map. The entrance is located on the 3rd floor aka the Tongari Port because the entire place is called Tongari Island.


Before arriving at Tongari Island, we were asked to go inside the 360 Log Theater and we were able to watch a quick rundown of the crew’s adventure, as well as an introduction of the exciting things we’ll be doing at the island.


As we arrive, we were immediately welcomed with a feast and of course the ever so lively Strawhat pirates while One Piece’s opening song is playing!

Without second thoughts, I took a picture with Chopper right away! Then, here goes Franky in his suuuuuper pose, as well as Zoro and Sanji doing their usual stuff – aka fighting.


They also have a Memorial Room on the third floor which houses the autographs of the Mugiwara Pirates. Let’s now go to the fourth level, and look at all the character related-games – starting with Nami’s Casino House!


If you’re a true One Piece fan, you’ll know that Nami cares only about one thing: berries! In this game, Nami hosts 3 different casino games and it’s you against all the other players inside the casino. The games are pretty easy but it’s all based on luck, so best of luck!


Usopp’s Road to Sogeking was fun! I mean, what’s more fun than taking down the marines, right?


In this game, you have to use a sling and hit all 5 of the marines and then after that you’ll get a chance to hit Spandam. If you were able to do that, you’ll earn the title of Sogeking and get a Sogeking mask!


Zoro’s Soul of Edge is great if you are into swords – unfortunately, I’m not (lol). In here, you’ll be tasked to swing a sword to slice the bombs coming your way and then lastly, hit the Pacifista. It’s was a fun game I just wish the time to play was a little bit longer.

robins ponegliff.png
Photo from:

The next game, Robin’s Finding Ponegliff, will take 30 minutes of your time so it’s best to play it first. Each team will be given a Den Den Mushi which will help you in finding the Ponegliffs.


Basically, you have to find the Ponegliffs which are located in the entire Tongari Island – starting from the entrance up to the fifth floor and you only have 30 minutes to do so. The Den Den Mushi will let you know if you’ve found enough Ponegliffs. This game requires teamwork and a lot of patience!


Chopper’s Thousand Sunny Tours is not really a game but a tour of the Thousand Sunny. It’s quite nice because you’ll be able to look into Sanji’s kitchen, Nami and Robin’s Room, the aquarium where they put the fishes to be cooked, etc. And there’s a surprise for Chopper at the end of the tour too!


We didn’t get to play at Franky’s Cola Bar mainly because we’re busy finding Robin’s Ponegliffs but it’s just like a pinball machine and it’s also not included in the entrance ticket. If I’m not wrong, you need 500JPY per game.


Lastly, Brook’s Horror House! I really enjoyed this one. To give you a clue and at the same time not spoil the experience, you just have to defeat a zombie with a salt ball, that’s it – it was really fun.


On the fifth floor, you can find the One Piece Live Attraction where you can meet live versions of the Mugiwara Pirates performing on stage. This has a separate ticket and you must take note of show’s scheduled time.


In this floor, you’ll also find Luffy’s Endless Adventure which is a walkthrough attraction with the highlights of all of One Piece starting from the very beginning.


The fifth floor is also perfect for photo ops! Trafalgar Law is just casually sitting and readily waiting for fans to take a photo with him and Bepo always ready to photobomb!

You can also take a picture of both Ace’s and Roger’s executions. Seeing these brings back so many feelings, I can’t actually say much.


Just before the exit on the fifth floor is the Log Gallery. It is home to a special exhibition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of One Piece and contains various original artworks.


And that concludes our tour of the One Piece Tokyo Tower! If you have visited One Piece Tokyo Tower before, or you plan to visit it on your upcoming Tokyo trip, let me know your thoughts in the comment section!


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