My First Solo Travel!

It all started with a seat sale. I booked a round trip flight to Singapore right away without any plans at hand. I haven’t even told my parents about it yet because I already know what they’ll be saying, lol. There were so many change of plans, restaurant reservations and cancellations, last minute bookings, and the rest is history!

In this blog entry, I’ll share with you the highlights of my first solo travel – the things that made my trip extremely unforgettable!

Pandas at River Safari

I’m so happy to finally be able to see pandas in real life! Just look at these cuties! They were still very sleepy when I got to the zoo, almost all animals were but I was still able to take cute pictures of them.


This giant panda is Kai Kai, I’m not sure if he’s just sleepy when I got there but he is also said to be super shy.


This super cute red panda doesn’t have a name, and I find this one cuter than the giant panda haha. Red pandas are said to be the “original” pandas because they were discovered the earliest. I don’t know why but pandas are just so cute and fluffy!

Solo Cable Car Ride!

cable car

I almost didn’t push through riding the cable car at Sentosa because of time constraints. I was supposed to have all the afternoon at Sentosa but I stayed longer than planned at the zoo. Since I already bought the tickets online with the dates specified, I rode anyway.


Good thing I did because I got the best view of the whole city and even saw fireworks from above! This photo of course does not give any justice, haha. Believe it or not, it was also the first time I felt scared of heights. I feared standing up because I can’t see where I’d fall just in case lol. And that’s why the photo is so blurry haha!

Early Morning at The Merlion and Marina Bay

I was supposed to take a timelapse of the sunrise which shows the merlion and marina bay sands BUT it was raining that morning so mister sun is nowhere to be found.


I still went out early which was great because I had the place to myself and I was free to do crazy poses with the merlion! I always see crowded photos of the merlion so If you’ll ask me, best time to be there is during sunrise, 7 am or earlier.

marina bay

Marina Bay is prettier at night when all the lights are lit up, however I wasn’t able to take a photo of that view because my camera’s battery was all drained that time, sad. Nevertheless, I still got good shots of Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer.

sg flyer

My Very First International Convention

I was so excited for this one that I even traded more than half of my time in SG just to attend this convention. No regrets though, I felt like a sponge absorbing every talk and discussion!


Here’s my favorite of all the talks from the convention, led by Daryl Pereira, Partner and Head of Cybersecurity Services, KPMG Singapore. He discussed about The Cybersecurity Maturity Journey and I love how he put contrast on the facts and fallacies companies believe regarding cybersecurity.


That’s just one from the several talks I’ve managed to attend during the Cloud and Cybersecurity Expo, and here are the loots I’ve got!

Dining at Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant – Bread Street Kitchen

The last thing I did before leaving SG is dining at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen! I placed my reservation a month before my visit and they’ve been very nice to me ever since by quickly replying to my queries via email, providing me with the seat I requested even though I arrived an hour late, and they’ve been very friendly my whole stay.


I won’t be elaborating more since I’m planning to make a separate blog entry on this dining experience, but if you’re looking for a place to dine at Marina Bay Sands, Bread Street Kitchen is highly recommended!

bread street kitchen

My first solo travel didn’t go perfectly according to plan. I actually cried the first night because I haven’t sticked to my itinerary and I was so tired and alone. Yet I learned that it’s really okay to let yourself free from timetables. Just do whatever you want to do at the moment, that way, you’ll be able to enjoy more!

I also learned that you should always bring your slippers with you everywhere because your feet will eventually give up, lol. Stay tuned for more detailed blog entries on my food and travel adventures at Singapore!



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