Hong Kong: Ngong Ping Village

My sister and I spent our last day in Hong Kong roaming around Ngong Ping village. The whole village is beautiful and very tourist-friendly. It’s where we both had our first cable car ride!

We stayed at Causeway Bay. From there, we rode the MTR to Central station, transferred to Hong Kong station, and then rode another MTR from Hong Kong station to Tung Chung station – that’s where the Cable Car station is.


Going to Ngong Ping, we rode the Crystal Cabin which has a transparent three-layer 5cm glass floor! If you’re afraid of heights, I won’t recommend taking the crystal cabin. The other people who were with us were shaking because the floor is really crystal clear! There is a normal cabin option which is also cheaper – you’ll feel safer there.


Upon arriving at the village, a huge butterfly display welcomed us! It’s larger than me! That’s also because I’m so tiny lol.


Hello there, Buddha! I’ve come to meet you!


At the middle of the village, there are  statues of the 12 Zodiacs. In this picture, I am posing with one of them, I actually forgot who this was but I think this is Mr. Rat. Is that a rat on his head?


We also visited the Po Lin Monastery but we didn’t enter because I’m not sure if there’s a dress code, better be safe (and respectful) than sorry!


Since we just stayed outside, we unraveled this picture-perfect spot at the side of the monastery where there are only very few people. We stayed here for a while to rest.


To be honest, we didn’t climb up to Buddha. My sister and I were so tired because it was so sunny! We also didn’t want to drain ourselves because we still have a flight to catch. We stayed at a tiny vegetable farm near the monastery and admired Buddha from there.


I’m not sure if this will be offending but while we were resting, we thought that Buddha is telling the people to stop giving him offerings. Judging by his hand gestures, we came up that he’s saying: “Stop, it’s yours! I gave it to you…”

However, we’ll never know…


Visiting Ngong Ping is very gratifying, it’s one of the most beautiful villages I’ve been to. It’s a must-visit when you go to Hong Kong!


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