Happiest Place on Earth!!!

My sister and I celebrated our birthdays last year at Hong Kong and of course, we went to the happiest place on the planet, Disneyland!


This is us being very excited, we cannot wait for the theme park to open! We arrived a little earlier than the opening time so that we’ll have time to take photos and be ready just in case the queue to enter will be longer than expected.


Jump shot! We just really can’t contain our excitement!


We finally got our tickets! Our Disney adventure now begins! By the way, we pre-ordered our tickets from Klook, which helped us have a hassle-free experience, no long lines! You can visit their site for great travel discounts.


We started with Art of Animation! Original drawings and sketches from different Disney films are displayed there. It is heaven for artistically-inclined people like the girl in the photo.


Then, we lined up for a photo op with Mickey and Minnie. It was a veryyy looong line! It took us more than an hour but of course, it’s worth it. We can’t actually leave Disneyland without having this picture!


Mickey’s Philhar’s Magic is definitely not to miss! It’s a 4-D film attraction that will blow your mind – everyone in the theatre was mesmerized! One word: MAGICAL.


And then there’s me, failing a jump shot in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. There’s actually no activity done here, it just serves as a walkway from the Main Street to Fantasy Land. Despite that, this castle will be the center of an exceptional display at night!


The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh! Sad to say, we didn’t have the chance to ride this attraction. The first time we got there, the line is so long and then when we went back – it’s already closed. Good thing my sister still had a picture with Pooh!


Another thing not to miss! The Flights of Fantasy parade! It is a long parade which almost covers all the streets of Disneyland, colorful and enchanting floats for each Disney show!


The Disney Princesses’ float! That swan definitely stole this shot!


Aurora, Cinderella, and Belle!


Snow White, what are you doing?! LOL


Of course, the last float was Walt Disney’s Goofy, Pluto, Minnie and Mickey!


I think the parade lasted for more than 30 minutes! It was a blast!


After the parade, we went to Fantasy Gardens! It’s a display of miniature, interactive castles of different Disney movies!


Here’s Rapunzel’s tower, with Flynn Rider tied up with her hair! On the right is Cinderella’s prince charming’s castle – tik tok!


Beauty and the Beast’s castle! It’s just so accurate – look at that dome, the library!


Of course, it’s not called Fantasy Garden for nothing!

We also visited Mystic Point and rode the Mystic Manor – which I declare the best ride in Hong Kong Disneyland!

Another competitor is It’s A Small World!  However, I got no pictures – I was immersed by the feels of the ride, it’s very heart warming! Hundreds (or thousands) of dolls are inside and singing It’s a Small World in different languages!


Let’s now go to my favorite zone, which is relatively new – the Toy Story Land!


We were greeted by Babyface, the one eyed spider-baby! It’s nearly Holloween when we visited, so I’m not sure if Babyface will still be there after.


We rode Slinky Dog Spin, and participated in the Toy Soldier Boot Camp!


Jessie! We almost didn’t make it – she’s about to go but decided to have last one photo, lucky us!

After a long, tiring, but FUN day, we decided to find the perfect spot for Disney in the Stars! The fireworks display starts at 8 PM and we were already waiting since 6! No regrets though, we got the perfect view!

It was really a magical day! Definitely one of the best days ever! Disneyland is truly the happiest place on Earth!


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