Red Haired Shanks – Freehand Shirt Painting

This is a commissioned work and personally one of my favorites. I can only do freehand art when I really like what I’m doing. I’m very proud of this work and I’m very ecstatic every time I’m seeing this shirt being worn!

Here’s how I painted Shanks on a plain white shirt:

I started off with the outline using a sign pen. The outline doesn’t need to be perfect, it will just serve as your guide.


Then, I started filling up Shank’s eyes with black textile paint.


After that, I just traced the outlines with a thin brush.


Afterwards, I started coloring up Shank’s hair with pure red textile paint.



Here, I just tried to create some shadows on his hair by mixing red and black textile paint.


I finished it off with the minor details which made a very big improvement on the total look of the design.


Yay, done! So proud of this work!


Thanks for viewing! I’ll be uploading more of my shirt paintings soon!!


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