Ciudad ti Bigan – Vigan

Vigan is Ilocos Sur’s capital, it is a small city with huge hospitality and patriarchy. Vigan remained to be one of the few UNESCO world heritage sites wherein old structures are conserved and well-kept. It is also well known for its cobblestone streets and unique architectures.

Since Vigan is just a small city, locals offer Kalesa tours to tourists.


We visited the Bantay Watchtower, located at the vicinity of Saint Augustine Parish Church, aka Bantay Church.


Bantay Tower is just literally a tagalog translation of watchtower. It served as a watchtower way back in the Spanish era to keep guard of pirates!



Here’s the famous Calle Crisologo. It’s a major attraction in Vigan and a must have photo-op for the tourists.


Calle Crisologo is filled with Spanish style houses which are carefully maintained to keep the Spanish vibe of the place alive.


We also visited Vigan Cathedral or also known as the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle. It is the first parish constructed in Northern Luzon!


Another attraction in Vigan is the Baluarte which is owned by the Chavit Singson. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy going to the place and I really regret doing so. I love animals and apparently, Chavit Singson loves hunting and he decided to display his hunting trophies in this place. Have I known, I wouldn’t​ have gone.


One of the most exciting things we did was the jar making at Pagburnayan. We tried, so hard, but we all failed lol. I didn’t know it was that hard. During the demo, it seemed so easy! Nonetheless, it was a great experience.


I love Vigan and the people there are very warm and welcoming. It’s a small and simple city but full of love! I can’t wait to be back!


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