Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant

Ogawa is the real deal! Their menu is extensive – and I can assure you anything you order will definitely taste good. The dining experience is exceptional and their service is highly commendable.

For starters, they offered us seaweed salad which I consider one of the most satisfying appetizers I had. I actually want to take seconds! They also offer service tea, hot and cold.


We ordered Jyu Jyu Beef Steak Set, which consists of beef steak and mixed veggies, rice, miso soup, pickles, and dessert.


As well as their Koyaki Jyu To Udon Zen with sliced beef cooked in sweet soy broth topped on rice, udon noodle soup, pickles, and dessert. It’s like gyudon + udon!


On our second visit, we tried other menu sets. We had Ebi Katsuni Zen which is composed of salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, ebi katsuni, chawan mushi, rice, miso soup, pickles, and dessert.


Their best seller, Tepan Gozen, an all-around dish having salad, salmon, prawn, US rib eye steak, fried rice, miso soup, and dessert!


Their servings are plenty – one set is actually enough for two. Food prices are not that affordable but each penny will be definitely worth it! If you love Japanese food, this traditional Japanese restaurant is a must! Ogawa gets 5 stars from me.



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