Pangkor Island Adventure!

Pangkor is an island in Perak, Malaysia. It is most commonly known for fishing and for its very affordable dried fishes. Moreover, it is also the home to one of the most tranquil beaches in the world!

We went to Pangkor via ferry from Lumut. Ferries depart regularly from the Lumut pier going to different parts of Pangkor Island. Travel time is around 30-45 mins and the fare is reasonably cheap at RM5 each or approximately 60Php.


As we arrived at the island, we were welcomed by numerous pink mini vans which offer group tours. The price is negotiable and it depends on how many are you in a group. For our “taxi tour”, we paid around RM10 per head for 10 people.


Our tour started off with Kota Belanda, Pangkor’s Dutch Fort:


It reminded me of Manila’s Fort Santiago. Kota Belanda was used as a storage and protection of tin supplies and other minerals way way back.


It is now treated as a historical site by the Malaysian government.



Next on the list the Galeri Pangkor, it is simply Pangkor’s gallery/mini museum.


Inside the gallery, you can find a collection of handicrafts, furnishings, jewelries, and old musical instruments. You can also read short historical backgrounds on the Malaysian culture and see photos and paintings of former leaders.


Our next stop was the Fu Lin Kong Temple. It is a Chinese Taoist temple which is also frequented by local Chinese residents to offer their prayers.


The temple is located near the bottom of the Pangkor Hill. It is treated as the center of worship for locals who live by the teachings of Lao Tze, the Taoist teachings.


Many Chinese offer their prayers here alongside lighting up a candle.


You can also find a miniature Great Wall of China near the back of the temple.


Lastly, my favorite spot at Pangkor, the Pangkor Beach!


It’s a pity we didn’t prepare for a dip but being able to run through the shore, feel the waves and the sun, it definitely is the highlight of the day!


The island below is Metangor Island. Pangkor has lots of island beaches to visit and there are also lots of activities to do: snorkeling, banana ride, fishing, jest-skiing, etc.


Before leaving the island, we got to taste some local dishes by the beach.


I’m actually not familiar with the foods’ names but the taste is similar to Filipino street food, just more spicy!


And of course, we won’t go home without hoarding dried fishes at the local market!


I love Pangkor and it’s on top of my must-visit list in Malaysia. The next time that I’ll go, I’ll stay in one of the hotels on the other side of the beach and make the most out of Pangkor’s beautiful beaches!


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