Cameron Highlands – Malaysia’s Baguio!

Cameron Highlands is the highest point in Malaysia that is accessible via road travel. It is also the most extensive hill in Malaysia – its size is about the same as that of the whole Singapore!

We went to Cameron Highlands from Penang via Ipoh. It was a very long drive – our travel time is around 4-5 hours.


We explored Cameron Lavender – I never knew that there are different kinds of lavenders, but here I saw many varieties from all over the world!



Due to the area’s low temperature, flowers here are extremely vibrant and pretty.



Everywhere you look, it’s full of colors!


They also offer strawberry picking.


Although during our visit, strawberry picking is closed because the strawberries that time are still very small and not yet ready for consumption.


I’m still lucky to be able to taste their super delicious Strawberry ShortcakeI never liked anything with “berry” but I loved this cake!


Cameron Highlands is one of the best places to go to Malaysia in my opinion. It’s very close to nature and will give tourists the me-time they need.


Lucky me, I also got to taste their Lavender Ice Cream and it’s yum!


On our way back home, we also passed by the Boh Tea Plantation – it’s Malaysia’s largest producer of premium black teas!


I’m so lucky to have gone to Cameron Highlands, I’m really thankful to my family in Malaysia for letting me experience one of the most beautiful places in Malaysia.


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