Tokyo Itinerary (and Highlights!!)

We spent 7 days in Tokyo and Fujikawaguchiko and went to tourist attractions which are the most popular around the area. In this post, I’ll share with you our actual itinerary, some tips, and the highlight of each day!

Day 1: Sensoji Temple, Nakamise-Dori, Ueno Park, Ueno Zoo, and Tokyo Tower


For our first day, we decided to visit some of Tokyo’s most famous attractions: Sensoji Temple, Ueno Zoo, and of course the Tokyo Tower!

The Sensoji Temple is quite crowded and I honestly wasn’t able to get a good picture of it. On the other hand, the Nakamise-Dori just outside the temple (actually located around the temple’s perimeter) offers lots of Japanese goodies and souvenirs that are worth checking out.


Ueno park is quite lovely, I can’t wait to go back during Spring or Autumn because I can only imagine how much prettier it would be. I’ll make a separate post for Ueno zoo – one of the biggest zoos I’ve been to and when we visited, there are even more constructions going on for expansion.

But for me, the highlight of our first day was One Piece Tokyo Tower! I’ve been wanting to go here for so long and I really enjoyed everything we did there especially “meeting” Law and the Strawhats! I’ll also be making a separate post for this one – really had fun!

Day 2: Imperial Palace + Fuji Oishi Park


On our second day, we traveled to Fujikawaguchiko. It was a busy day so we got a bus ticket that’s later than our planned departure. Since we’re at the Tokyo station, we decided to make a detour to the Imperial Palace while waiting.

Nothing special about the Imperial Palace since you’ll just be able to visit the gardens but it has been a great morning stroll.


It takes more or less 2 and a half hours from Tokyo to Fuji by bus so we arrived almost late in the afternoon and was able to visit just the Oishi Park. There, we waited for the skies to clear to see Fuji-san while enjoying soft serve ice cream but due to the bad weather we were not able to see Fuji-san fully.

Day 3: Yamanakako Hananomiyako Park and Mt. Fuji Ropeway


The next day, we went to Yamanakako Hananomiyako Park and it’s one of the most beautiful places ever. I love flowers and I’ve always wanted to visit a huge flower farm and I’m happy I finally did on my birthday!


Before going back to Tokyo, we also tried the Fuji Ropeway to see a better view of the city and Fuji-san. Still, due to the bad weather, no Fuji-san sighting. Nevertheless, we still had a great time at Fujikawaguchiko.

Day 4: teamLab Borderless, Mameshiba Cafe, Harajuku, and Akihabara


Day 4 was also so much fun especially because of teamLab! I really enjoyed our visit to this digital art museum, took lots of photos and played like a kid!

We also went to Harujuku to shop and visit the Mameshiba Cafe. The tiny shiba inus are so cute but they’re really not that friendly lol. Still, happy that we got a chance to visit the cafe since it’s always jam-packed. I also enjoyed our trip to Harujuku because I got to try the popular and very tasty Roast Beef Ono!!


It was already late when we got to Akihabara so we just played some crane games and just went back on our last day to buy anime goodies.

Day 5: Tokyo Disneyland


I’m really so happy I finally bought Minnie ears headband! I already visited HK Disneyland twice but I cannot push myself to buy this headband because it costs around 2,000Php in HK (as far as I can remember). But here at Tokyo Disneyland, it only costs around 700Php so I gave in instantly!

The rides are somehow just similar to Hong Kong’s so I’m not that very excited anymore.


Although, the parades are always just as magical as the first time! I really loved the electrical lights night parade and took a video of the whole thing.

Day 6: Tokyo Disneysea


It’s my first time to visit Disneysea and it did not disappoint! Although the lines in almost all the rides were really long, I absolutely enjoyed everything!

My favorite ride was Toy Story Mania which took us more than an hour of queueing but I swear, it is definitely worth it! Moreover, it’s the first time I’ve beaten Stefan in any game whatsoever so it’s truly memorable for me, lol. I also enjoyed the Tower of Terror and the Indiana Jones Adventure.

Day 7: Akihabara + Shopping Day at Shibuya


Last day was shopping day. We went back to Akihabara to go get some anime goodies and then went to Shibuya to shop for more pasalubong.

Of course while we’re in Shibuya, we visited Hachiko’s statue. We’re in luck there’s not much people and we didn’t even have to queue to take a photo. We ended the day with Ichiran’s ramen and that concludes our Tokyo trip.


I’ll be writing more posts on each particular highlight as well as a separate food post for all the amazing dishes we have tried during our trip, ’til my next post!


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