Landscape Watercolor Painting Workshop by Jayenne Cua

I’ve been wanting to attend so many art workshops since last year but my schedule won’t let me. Luckily, after so many missed opportunities, I finally signed up and attended a watercolor workshop by Jayenne Cua at ArtBar Ph – and it’s focused on landscapes!

I’m not entirely a beginner when it comes to watercolor but I also haven’t undergone workshops or any classes at all. That’s why I consider this as my first formal training and it made me really excited.


Jayenne has provided all the materials that we’ll be using for the whole workshop: paints, brushes, watercolor paper, water, and workbook.


We started with the basic techniques in watercolor painting such as: making washes, doing gradients, blending, wet on wet technique, dry brush technique, and lifting.


After learning the basics, we tried to copy Jayenne’s small landscape paintings and apply the the techniques we learned earlier.


In this painting, we applied: washes and blending on the background and then a dry brush technique on the pine trees.


Same here, but we added lifting to form some clouds. Although I’m not very happy with how it turned out 😅


Next, we tried to replicate Jayenne’s monochrome painting. I specifically had a hard time with the sun and its rays. Timing is really essential. You should know exactly when to make the strokes so that the paint is not so wet or it would smudge, and not so dry or it’s too late to make the rays. The clouds are better this time though 😉


The last artwork that we did is the icy mountains. This time, we left the border untaped so it has also been a practice on control. The icy mountains is the trickiest of all the artworks that we did since it requires a good command on brush techniques. The dry brush needs to make the mountains appear rough and almost 3D. I love how my artwork looked but there’s still plenty of room for improvements.


I learned a lot during this workshop and enjoyed doing all these art with a great bunch of people.


Of course, I’m thankful to Jayenne for organizing this workshop and helping us learn the basics of landscape watercolor painting. If you want to know more about her or be updated with her future workshops, you can check her instagram account: @jayennecuaart

You can also visit ArtBar Ph’s Facebook Page for more art workshops. Thanks for reading, until next time!



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