#ArbyEats at Kuromon Market!

Kuromon Market is famous for its fresh seafoods, street foods, and cheap souvenirs! This market has been around for over 170 years and is known to be “Osaka’s Kitchen” since it’s where local homeowners and restaurant chefs get their supplies. Today, it’s also a very a well-known tourist destination because: FOOD.

Getting There

Kuromon Market is just a 3 minute walk from the Nippombashi Subway Station and the Kintetsu Nippombashi Station.

The Food


First stop, Grilled/Torched Oysters! They say that oysters are an acquired taste but all of us actually enjoyed eating these. The oysters are priced 1160 JPY per piece (huge ones) and I think these were the best ones I’ve tried in Kuromon.


Of course, Takoyaki. Who goes to Kuromon without having takoyaki?! Authentic Japanese takoyaki is one of the best things in the world, lol seriously. I actually haven’t eaten takoyaki after my Japan trip because I don’t want to be disappointed. Price: 800 JPY (8 pieces).


Baby Octopus – not really my thing. They’re chewy and the ones I got were not freshly cooked but it’s just for the sake of trying, no regrets. Price: 500 JPY.


We were supposed to try more seafood but these cute little donuts caught my attention. And they’re sold at just 150 JPY, so why not.


Here’s to more seafood – CHEESY GRILLED PRAWNS! It’s really hard to see the prawns because they’re drowning in cheese (which is actually not a bad thing) but they’re there and they’re really good! These are sold at 700 JPY per serving (2 huge prawns).


I don’t actually know what these are called but they deserve a special place in my blog because we got these for FREE!


I was so curious on how these are made and I was taking a video the whole time – they gave me a whole serving for free. Am I lucky or what? 😛


We bought these scallops at 1000 JPY but I was not that happy. Should have tried the scallops from the other stores – not sure of the name of the stall but they’re the only ones strictly implementing no photos and videos during the cooking.


I was looking for dangos, because Clannad, and these were the closest I’ve seen. Can anyone confirm if these were actually dangos? Got these at 500 JPY per stick and the white ones were better than the greens.

To cap off, here’s a short video compilation of every thing we tried and enjoyed during our trip to Kuromon Market:

If heaven’s actually a place on Earth, I can say Kuromon Market it is.


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