My 25th Birthday Celebration with the Kids of Precious Heritage Children’s Home

I’ve been planning for my birthday since 2018 kicked in. It’s quite a big deal for me – I’m turning 25! For 25 years, I’ve been very blessed with countless of amazing things and experiences. And as I turn 25, I simply want to share whatever I have with others.

I’ve decided to spend my special day with the kids of Precious Heritage Children’s Home. Initially, I reached out to them directly but I realized I’m not really good at planning parties. Glad I found about U! Happy Events! And luckily, Precious Heritage Children’s Home is also one of their beneficiaries.


Fast forward to the actual event, September 22, 2018 – I’m with Bea and Gladys and we arrived 30 minutes late. I thought we weren’t gonna make it but I’m beyond happy we did.

First things first, we had a quick introduction of ourselves to the kids! We told them our names, what we do at work/school, and our celebrity crushes (I also don’t know why lol).


After the quick introduction, we did a surprise dance number. It really came as a surprise because we were surprised as well, lol, we didn’t know it’s part of the program.


We’ve already introduced ourselves to the kids, now it’s their turn!


We were grouped into 4 teams. This time we got to know more about the kids by chatting with them about their favorite subjects in school, their hobbies, their favorite tv shows, and their local celebrity idols.


The teams we formed were also the ones used for the games!


Our first game – “cheese ring” relay! Kuya Harvard of U! Happy Events was discussing the mechanics and there I was getting really competitive!


We simply had to transfer all the “cheese rings” from one end to the other. In the end, we came in last (sorry teammates). Nevertheless, I think everybody still had lots of fun.


Our next game, Snow Balls! The goal was to make the balls roll to the edge of the table by blowing. The challenge was the flour!


The kids really enjoyed Snow Balls, some were even playing with the flour even after the game was over.


After the games, Kuya Tonton performed a magic show for us.


Kuya Tonton asked for the kids’ participation which made the magic show more exciting.


Honestly, I think I am too old for all those magic tricks. However, seeing the kids really amazed and really enjoying is totally heartwarming.


Before the program ended, we gave the kids their baon packs prepared by U! Happy Events. I specifically picked this giveaway because I know how kids love munching on snacks!


I’m really thankful to U! Happy Events for making this celebration a success. The emotional happy birthday song at the end of the program really made my heart flutter.


I was holding back my tears as everyone was singing me happy birthday. I’m really happy I spent my birthday the way I did.


And for my birthday wish, as always, world peace! And of course love and happiness for the kids of Precious Heritage Children’s Home.


Thank you Precious Heritage Children’s Home and U! Happy Events for making my 25th birthday celebration the most memorable one so far!


My original plan didn’t push through accordingly, but I’m really grateful that I was able to share this special day with these kids. I’m happy that I was able to bring joy to them even just for a day.


Last but not the least, I’m grateful for these two ladies who celebrated my birthday with me despite their busy schedules. I wouldn’t have gone to the event myself if it weren’t for these two!

If you are interested in making your own event in partnership with U! Happy Events, you can visit their website at:


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