Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen – A Brave Review

The ultimate highlight of my first solo travel – dining at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen! Gordon Ramsay is one of the most recognizable celebrity chefs in the world, that’s why I’m very excited and I have very high expectations of Bread Street Kitchen’s food!

gordon ramsay.png

Bread Street Kitchen is located at Marina Bay Sands Singapore and they serve a British European menu. They also offer lunch specials from 11:30 – 16:00, a 3-course meal for 48 SGD and a 2-course meal at 40 SGD.

set lunch menu

I had their 3-course lunch set and opted for the pan seared lamb haggis for appetizer, pan fried seabass with zucchini spaghetti as the main dish, and the passion fruit posset for dessert.

Focaccia Bread, Rye Bread, Bread Sticks, Butter

bread and cheese

As I placed my order, they served these complimentary breads alongside a slice of a very creamy butter. I barely touched the breads because I don’t want to feel full too soon but they are of course very fresh. I actually liked the butter – it’s very delectable with a well balanced sweet and salty taste.

Pan Seared Lamb Haggis, Crispy Egg, Garlic Purée, Watercress Salad

lamb haggis

I’m hesitating to order the lamb haggis at first because I love lamb and I feel sorry every time premium meats are being ground because I believe that they should be served as is with just a little dust of spices. That thinking changed when I’ve tasted BSK’s lamb haggis.

I can eat this lamb haggis every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it! Every bite is just a delight! It’s very juicy and the flavor of the lamb is making my taste buds ask for more. I actually don’t want to finish it just yet and enjoy every bite, which I actually did.


What’s more amazing in this dish is the crispy egg. It made me very curious – how did they cook this? It’s like a deep-fried soft boiled egg, does that make sense? It’s crispy but when I cut it in half, the yolk flows freely. Pairing this with the lamb is just too good to be true.

To be honest, the appetizer exceeded my already high expectations and really set a very high bar for the main dish and the dessert.

Pan Fried Seabass, Zucchini Spaghetti, Fennel Sauce


I was so excited for the seabass! I always see it being cooked at masterchef and I personally haven’t tried it yet. Due to my excitement, I made a terrible mistake – I took a bite of the fish alone and it was too acidic. That’s when I realized I forgot to put the sauce, but it’s too late.

I think eating this dish requires practice. It took a while before I figured out the perfect amount of each element to make every bite perfect. When I was down to the last few bites, and I know how much sauce and zucchini to pair the seabass with, every bite is then very scrumptious. On top of that, the seabass’ skin is so crispy! The sound it makes when I’m slicing through it is just heavenly. (That sounded so gory, sorry, haha!)

eating alone lol

I’m also very happy with the table I reserved – I particularly requested a table by the window and I’m very thankful that they kept a hold of it even though I arrived an hour late. I have a valid reason though 😛

Passion Fruit Posset, Double Chocolate Shortbread


I haven’t eaten a passion fruit before and I have no idea what a posset is. I ordered this because when I asked my sister for help in choosing what to order, she specifically told me to order the posset because it sounds like pusit (tagalog term for squid) haha, and so I did.

I have no regrets though, it’s the perfect dish to end this superb dining experience. I was stunned as it was served because of the passion fruit’s very distinctive smell – it smells very tropical, citrus-y. The passion fruit is acidic and the posset is very creamy which is a great combination.

double choco cookie

The double chocolate shortbread is crunchy and thin. I’m thinking of baking the same thing, hopefully it works out. It adds more stability to the acidity and creaminess of the passion fruit posset by adding a bitter sweet taste.

When I was eating my dessert, it made me reminisce about my life – thinking about the things I already achieved as well as the things that went wrong. However, I’m thankful for all of that because if not, I won’t be eating the magical posset I had. Yes, it’s that good.

Chocolate Chip Cookies


After the dessert, I had another dessert! Haha! John, the general manager of the restaurant, offered me chocolate chip cookies as we had a little chat. He’s amazed that I was travelling AND eating alone at BSK. He’s very friendly, in fact, all the staff are. I actually didn’t know that he was the manager, not until now when I was checking out their website while doing this blog entry and I saw his photo in the website lol. He’s also the one who took my photo above.

gordon yay

This dining experience has actually been the very highlight of my Singapore trip. The best dining experience I had – from reservations to bidding me good bye and wishing me a safe travel back home, they’ve been very warm. Thank you very much Bread Street Kitchen for making my Singapore trip truly memorable!


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