Haikyuu’s Hinata Shoyo

Hinata is my baby! He’s literally a ray of sunshine! He’s funny, super energetic, and cute. He jumps super high too! Obviously, Hinata is my favorite character from Haikyuu (of course I love Kageyama and Tsukki too, and my other baby Noya!)

I started with Hinata’s outline. I did this art when I just finished an episode and had to wait another week!


Here’s a close up of a sighing Hinata – I redirected my feels over my sketch, I’m actually the one sighing because the game was so intense and one week is just too long!


I started coloring Hinata’s ever fantastic orange locks LOL


And then his shirt, I’m not sure it’s the perfect color though.


Outline! I used a very thin marker for the outline (shown below).


I added “SIGH” but it kinda made the whole thing less attractive haha!


I wish Haikyuu’s next season will be out soon!!




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