Izakaya Kikufuji

Izakaya Kikufuji is one of the most popular restaurants located at Little Tokyo, Makati – long waiting lines and always jam-packed; nonetheless authentic and good Japanese food!

This resto gets crowded very quickly – most especially during lunch and dinner time. If you don’t want to join the other customers on their waiting game, it’s best to place a reservation ahead of your visit.


Their menu is extensive – they have lots of appetizers to choose from, you can order sushi and maki by piece or by sets, they also have different kinds of tempura, skewers, noodles, and rice bowls!


We ordered Spicy Soft Shell Crabs which are very tasty and crunchy. It’s best to eat this with gohan and also best paired with their iced house tea.


Their Wagyu Cubes are the best – it’s just sinfully good! It melts in your mouth and dissolves all the wagyu flavors. Just be sure to eat it while it’s hot.


Lastly, we ordered their Gyudon. It is truly authentic and full of flavor but for me, Nodasho’s gyudon is still the best. Still good though, I loved how the sliced onions vamps up the whole bowl. Rice bowls come with miso soups and their miso soup is also one of the best.


As I’ve said earlier, Izakaya Kikufuji is a crowd favorite. It has also gained best restaurant awards from different organizations!


Overall, I think Izakaya Kikufuji delivers really delightful Japanese food and I have yet to try more food from their vast food choices.


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