Random Afternoon Trek

My dad loves to invite us to random walks, treks, fishing, and other outdoor activities. This time, we had the whole afternoon trekking in a huge uninhabited land at Lumban, Laguna. We spent our day chasing animals, admiring nature, and watching the sunset!


We sat on dried grass covered roads and talked about life, how deep. This trek is more of a bonding moment – especially with my dad since he’s just home during the weekends.


It’s exciting because there are many native animals that we’ve run into – birds, cows, carabaos, different insects. I’m also honing my “animal photography skills” that time so it’s perfect timing! Here are some snaps of those animals we encountered during our trek:






During this encounter with a huge herd of cows, I actually thought that I’d die and my cause of death will be: cows. I’m dead serious. We needed to cross to the other side of the road and this bunch were blocking us and glaring. Maybe they’re just kind of territorial and not used to random visitors.


Just look at that mad cow’s face. It felt like it’s ready to aim at us with its horns. Fortunately, we made it to the other side. Great!


It was all fun and the best part of the day is the sunset – it was magnificent!


I wish we’ll have more spontaneous activities in the future! Join me, okay?





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