Nodasho is located at Little Tokyo, Makati City. It feels like dining in Japan – their food tastes delightful and 100% authentic, the dining the experience was a bliss!

We ordered their Gyudon Set – they have one of the best gyudons in the area, you’ll definitely taste how authentic their food is and how fresh their ingredients are.


We also tried their Set of the Day which that day was the Tenderloin Steak Set.


Their lunch sets are so worth it. For just 350 you got to have miso soup, sashimi, salad, kobachi, pickles, and dessert, with your main dish. You will also be assured that they use only the freshest ingredients. I snapped a photo of the seafood in the chef’s area before they turn into sashimis:



Nodasho is the first restaurant I have tried in Little Tokyo and it did not disappoint on satisfying my Japanese food cravings. Eating at Nodasho feels like dining in a Japanese home.


I highly recommend Nodasho! It’s definitely a must-try!


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