Fortune Island

Fortune Island is located in Nasugbu, Batangas. It has one of the clearest waters I’ve seen in my life. Perfect for a summer getaway!



The sand in this island is so fine and powdery, the waters are so clear. You can even see small fishes swimming near your feet! Every part of the island is picture perfect/instagram-worthy!


There are lots of things to do here – snorkeling, swimming, cliff diving, sunrise watching, you name it. I did cliff diving, and it was the highest dive I did, ever, I jumped from about 30ft high! However, I landed on a sitting position that’s why I’m keeping the video to myself to save me from such embarrassment and yes, it hurts.



You can either have a day tour or opt to stay overnight. There’s a problem in toilet and bathrooms – it’s very limited and not so clean and it’s quite far from the shore. BUT I’d still recommend to stay overnight, you’ll be amazed with the beautiful sunrise the next day.


Fortune Island is one of the best beaches in the South, it’s not very crowded and not yet commercialized. I know you’ll love it there just as I did!


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