It’s June and I’ll be taking a break…

Hello readers! I just wanted to let you know that I will be in a short hiatus for the whole month of June. I got pretty busy lately mainly because of planning for future trips (so don’t worry I’ll be back for sure), work, and my part-time job…

I actually still have A LOT of posts in my backlog – a number of food reviews, and some more travel entries from my Bolinao trip last March.

I usually blog on weekends, but lately, I have allotted my weekends for researching, making our itinerary, booking activities, and reading other blogs as well. This June, I’ll be in Japan for a week! Another thing that keeps me busy is actually being overly excited for this trip! I am almost done with our itinerary and it’s literally FULL.

After my Japan trip, I’ll be attending international conferences for work which also bugs me to do more planning… Planning on where to eat when I’m there!

So no worries! When I’m back any day in July, I’ll definitely have so many things to share with you. I just decided to write a post about my break so nobody’s kept hanging! 😉

See you soon,


4 thoughts on “It’s June and I’ll be taking a break…

    1. Hi, thank you!! Unfortunately we won’t be taking the bullet train and also won’t be able to see Mt. Fuji 😭 but the next time we go there, it will definitely be part of our itinerary!


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