Things to do in Baguio!

There are lots of activities to do in Baguio which can fit a two-day or even a whole-day itinerary. Read along this list to take note on the things that should do on your next Baguio visit!

Admire the pines of Wright Park


Wright Park is one of the most scenic places in Baguio known for its “Pool of Pines!”

Wright Park’s Pool of Pines

Wright Park’s pines will surely be the perfect backdrop for your photos!


You can also meet St. Bernard dogs near the entrance/exit of the park. Although I really discourage paying for photos with dogs and other animals.


Make your own pizza at Amare la Cucina!


Amare has the best brick oven pizza in Baguio! What’s more exciting is you can make your own pizza – from tossing and kneading the dough, to settling it in the brick oven. No need to worry because their staff is there to teach you how!


If you want to try Amare’s pizza but you’re too far from Baguio, they just recently opened a branch at Kapitolyo. You must try their Wood Fired Ribs and Foie Gras Pizza!

Visit BenCab Museum


BenCab museum houses Benedicto Cabrera’s (BenCab) art collections. The museum showcases various artworks – sketches, paintings, sculptures, pottery, modern art installations, and many more.

Cordillera Gallery

The place is quite far from the city so it is truly peaceful and quiet (unless there are scheduled fieldtrips when you visit…)


It’s best to visit BenCab or any other museum with somebody who appreciates art as much as you do.

Dine with a view at Foggy Mountain Cookhouse!


The best restaurant in Baguio for me, you can’t miss it when you’re there! Good food and excellent service.


Another thing that really elevated our overall dining experience, was the ambiance of the place. It’s reserved and very relaxing. Not to mention the view of the whole city!


A must-try in Foggy Mountain Cookhouse’s menu is their Brick Oven Roasten Boneless Leg of Lamb. You can see my full review here: Foggy Mountain Cookhouse – A Foodie’s Delight!

Hoard thrift items at Baguio Night Market!

baguio night market
Photo from Lakad Pilipinas

This place is thrift-lovers’ heaven! I actually bought a brand new blouse for my mom for only 65 Php labeled as overrun and it looks really nice, at least for me. There are even second hand clothes/ukay-ukay which are tagged at 10 Php. Really cheap prices, just prepare for a mob!

Enjoy the view at Mines View Park


Fun Fact: Did you know that Baguio was once an American mining town? That’s right, and that’s what Mines View Park is all about.


At the observation deck, you can see an astounding view of Benguet’s gold and copper mines as well its surrounding mountains.

Buy Succulents


Baguio’s cool climate is ideal for producing succulents and you can buy them for really cheap prices. I bought a cactus and a bonzai money tree for just 50 Php each. Just make sure you ask the vendor about the proper care the succulents need.

Try Sundot Kulangot!


Sundot Kulangot is actually coconut jam stored in small coconut husks. It is eaten using a toothpick or a small stick, or even using your fingers as if you are picking your nose – thus the name, sundot kulangot. It’s sweet and addictive! By the way sundot means to get with your finger, while kulangot literally means booger!

Enjoy recreational activities at Burnham Park


There are so many activities to do at Burnham Park being the biggest and the liveliest park in Baguio.


We rented out a paddle boat for 200 Php with no time limit. Maybe they’re thinking we’ll get tired of paddling anyway! My sister really enjoyed paddling as this is her first time.


We are also very stoked to have experienced zero visibility while paddling at the Burnham Lake! Foooggg!!!


After returning the paddle boat, we went to the bike rentals and rented our a race kart at 50Php for 30 mins. You’ll just basically go round and round the track with lots of children beating the speed limit, still fun!


We didn’t stop there! We also rented out roller skates and inline skates!


It wasn’t easy – I think it’s harder than ice skating! Although I had a problem with shoe sizes since the smallest inline skates they have is way bigger than my feet. *excuses! :P*

Take home goodies from Good Shepherd


A trip to Baguio wouldn’t be complete without dropping by Good Shepherd to buy pasalubongs! We bought ube jam (210 Php/12 oz), peanut brittle (175 Php/370 g), peanut crunch (195 Php/370 g), peanut butter (185 Php/12 oz), alfahor caramel flavored (200 Php/340 g), sampaloc candies (100 Php), and Calamansi w/ Honey Concentrate (230 Php).


You can never go wrong with Good Shepherd. Aside from producing the best pasalubongs from Baguio, the money generated from sales is used for the different charities sponsored by the Good Shepherd nuns and also for the maintenance and upkeep of the convent.

Despite the cool breeze in the whole locality, Baguio feels warm and homey. Whether you are planning on a staycation or an activity-filled trip, there’s a perfect itinerary that you can go with!


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