The Highlights of My 2017!

2017 has been an amazing year for me. It was a year of self-discovery and greater responsibilities.

Started the year right…

mark zuckerberginh

Having a capsule wardrobe, or in simple terms – an office uniform, saved me so much time and energy! Deciding what to wear for the day is already hard, what more picking all the outfits you’ll wear for the week? It was not an easy decision but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made so far!

Celebrated my first work anniversary!

infor anniversary

I graduated in the year 2014, and believe it or not I’ve already worked under 4 companies within 3 years. I’m really thankful that I finally found a company that made me stay. Going 2 years this February!

My first local travel via plane – CEBU…

…and also our first anniversary! One of the best trips ever. Cebu is perfection, one of the most beautiful places I’ve been and I will definitely come back! Check out the things we did at Cebu which made our trip very memorable: 10 things not-to-miss in Cebu!

We had Franky!

I love you, Franky ❤️

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That’s him the first day we got him – still so tiny, he’s just 2 months old! Franky is a Boston Terrier and he’s always full of energy! He’s 6 months now and he’s really grown! His ears are now up and he also knows sit, lay down, and fetch!

I launched my blog!


I launched this blog as a birthday gift to myself this year. I decided to take blogging seriously and focused on food, travel, and art as my main categories (and some bits of personal posts, like this one).

I’m happy to be able to share travel tips, food reviews, and my artworks with you guys! Thank you for your overwhelming support.

My first solo travel!

Traveling solo is not pure fun. I learned how to be more independent and more aware of my environment since I have nobody to rely on but myself. Fortunately, I happily survived my first international travel alone and came back home braver and more content. See the highlights of my first solo travel here: My First Solo Travel!

I got promoted!


Thankful that what I’ve been doing this past year has been recognized. I never thought that this will be the career that I will pursue. I even wanted to quit from the whole IT world before, and now I think I’m back on track.

We reserved a condo unit!


Photo from SMDC Fame Residences

AC and I reserved an SMDC condo unit before the year ends! I will now experience the dreadful horror of monthly dues, yikes! Finally, #adulting!

Cheers to a wonderful 2017! Hoping 2018 will be as awesome!



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