Chateau Hestia: My Favorite Tagaytay Resto!

Chateau Hestia is currently my favorite restaurant in Tagaytay. I love the rustic, romantic vibes of the place and the ultimately good food they serve. Everything is just so refreshing, it’s the perfect location for special occasions!


We always come here on a weekday that’s why we usually have the place to ourselves. As I’ve said earlier, the place is really very romantic!


We started with their Baked Salmon and Sauteed Shrimps (750 Php), it is a lemon-pepper crusted  salmon slab served over potato gnocchi, shrimps, and veggies. It’s my first time to eat gnocchi and I’m so satisfied I wanted to make one myself. The salmon is a little dry, but rightfully flaky and full of flavor. The shrimps are amazing, I love them to bits, they’re just perfect!


We also ordered a pasta dish, their Tre di Carne Manicotti (425 Php) which is a mixture of sirloin beef, wiener, and pancetta reduced in red wine, served with bechamel and pomodoro sauce. This is one of their bestsellers because they make their own pasta from scratch. I haven’t tried manicotti before because I’m not really into Italian food but it tastes wonderful, the manicotti is generously filled with meat.


The star of the day is their Off The Grill Rib Eye Steak! They offer fresh cuts of meat for their off the grill choices, which includes 2 side dishes and your choice of sauce: Green Peppercorn, Dijon au Jus, and Salsa Verde. For our sides, we chose their fresh side salad, and of course, mashed potatoes. I love that the meat came out in a perfect medium rare just how we love it! It’s so tender and the flavor just melts in your mouth. I also liked their fresh side salad, it compliments the steak very well. Their off grill choices are a must-try!

Here’s a sneak peak of their off the grill choices:


We have tried as well their Off-The-Grill Lamb Shoulder Steak and Pasta di Mare, which we ordered last year also for my birthday. I’ve celebreated 2 consecutive birthdays in Chateau Hestia and maybe next year’s celebration will be held here too!


Their Off-The-Grill Lamb Shoulder Steak also comes with 2 side dishes and your choice of sauce. Lamb is my favorite thing to order in restaurants when it’s on the menu and I’ll say that I’ve tasted better lamb steaks somewhere else. It’s not bad though, it’s just the rest of the meat is not as appetizing as the first bite.


Their Pasta di Mare (475 Php) however is the bomb. This maybe biased because I love seafood, but I’m really impressed with how all the elements in there: shrimps, mussels, squids, fish fillets, the pasta and the sauce, are in great harmony. It’s just so pleasing to eat.

One more thing that makes me come back is the warm birthday greeting I receive every time. Not to mention that they also serve very delectable desserts (for free because it’s my birthday)!

2016 vs 2017 Free Dessert

2016 vs 2017 Arby and AC lol

It’s always a delight dining at Chateau Hestia. Good food, good place, good people. The staff is very accommodating, they even let us bring Franky (our Boston Terrier) inside the resto!

Lastly, given that it’s a garden restaurant, they have a huge garden outside the main resto where you can take great photos because their landscape is just very pretty.


I will always be back,


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